What We Do

Custom Solutions

We help companies to gain greater awareness of their potential, through data analysis. To achieve this goal, we work with AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning to develop custom solutions for each customer, providing them consulting services to improve business performance, and simplify data processes so that they are accessible to everyone within the company, not just the IT department.

Artificial Intelligence for E-commerce

Make your e-commerce more efficient through data analysis and solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. The use of artificial intelligence in e-commerce, especially in sales, marketing, and warehouse management, is the natural evolution of online commerce.

Custom eCommerce Solutions

What can we do with artificial intelligence in your e-commerce?

Here are some custom solutions we have developed for e-commerce:

Analytics Dashboard​

Although most entrepreneurs and companies are aware of the competitive advantage that correct interpretation of the information they own can bring to the business, they are still surprisingly unaware of the potential of their data. Chiron has developed customizable dashboards, composed of interactive graphs, with the possibility of applying filters, selecting data ranges, and displaying statistics. It is possible to share and export these data in csv files: in this way, the data is consultable at any time, also outside the web app. The main objective of the analysis is not only to graphically represent the data of interest, but to highlight potential customized business opportunities.

Recommendation System

Within an e-commerce, users expect to find what they want immediately and if they fail to do this, they abandon the site to look elsewhere. Recommendation systems offer customized experiences for users, presenting them products or services they actually need. At Chiron, we design AI-based recommendation systems that increase the accuracy of searches and optimize results, both in the physical world thanks to store transactions and in the digital world through clickstream and product catalog data. Through precise data filtering, we design customized recommendation systems to suggest specific products to the user, accompanying them in their choice and avoiding the display of irrelevant content.

Dynamic pricing

Price is the first choice parameter online. Dynamic Pricing is based on algorithms that can automatically change prices multiple times during the day, adapting the price to the requirements of the target market. At Chiron, we can automate this process, finding the best existing solution to avoid losing competitiveness. Through the collection of aggregate data and price analysis, we have developed a predictive statistical algorithm that establishes prices based on supply and demand, examining the variance of the previous twenty days. This algorithm then defines the optimal final price, based on prices, competition, and other external factors. The developed application automatically provides all information on the latest daily purchase and sale price levels of each individual product and the price trend of each commodity category over time.

Warehouse rotation automation

Our machine learning model optimizes the availability and movement of products while simultaneously minimizing warehouse residues. This allows our customers a more efficient management of warehouses and the advanced planning of the flow of goods within them. In this way, we avoid running out of product stock and having to clear small amounts of merchandise to warehouses located outside the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, with the resulting costs.