Your Companion for an Extraordinary E-commerce Experience

Boost your ecommerce with Emotional Customer Service and Strategic Human Support

Welcome to the innovative chatbot Asia, your Emotional Customer Service for the world of e-commerce! With Asia, you can radically transform the online support experience for your customers. Thanks to its powerful integrated artificial intelligence, Asia is able to provide exceptional and personalized assistance. Moreover, when needed, it leverages Strategic Human Support to ensure an even more comprehensive service.

Emotional Customer Service

Asia simulates human behavior and provides appropriate responses to user requests, considering their emotions and modulating its language and assistance mood.

Whether customers are seeking information about products, services, or assistance during the purchase, or if there is a need for post-sales support, Asia is available 24/7 and will always be ready to help you quickly and efficiently. What makes Asia so special? Thanks to its advanced machine learning technology, Asia is able to analyze and understand the specific needs and emotions of people.

Strategic Human Support

Asia, with its Emotional Customer Service, provides online assistance independently, but sometimes Human Support can play a strategic role. The “Human Takeover” allows replacing Asia’s Emotional Customer Service with a human operator only when it is truly useful, meaning when human support is considered indispensable.

This approach allows for creating a two-level customer service:  
  • A fully automated first level, managed by Asia’s Emotional Customer Service capable of handling and resolving common questions and providing support to the majority of users.
  • A second level, managed by Asia’s Strategic Human Support, to which only conversations evaluated as sensitive, complex, or strategically valuable from a marketing perspective are sent, filtered by Asia’s Emotional Customer Service.

ASIA® is available in three versions:


  • 10 customer service operators (with a maximum limit of 10,000 monthly conversations)
  • 10 proactive operators
  • Service setup
  • Post-activation training


  • 5 customer service operators (with a maximum limit of 5,000 monthly conversations)
  • 5 proactive operators
  • Service setup
  • Post-activation training


  • 3 customer service operators (with a maximum limit of 3,000 monthly conversations)
  • 3 proactive operators
  • Service setup
  • Post-activation training

Available online on every e-commerce platform

ASIA offers immediate integration with the WooCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop e-commerce platforms thanks to its dedicated plug-ins.

Discover the extraordinary potential of Asia, the AI chatbot that will make the online shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable than ever.