Site search optimization

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Optimize the search for products within your e-commerce


A Marketplace of Italian jewelers, with over 500 brands and more than 100,000 items, notices a drastic drop in sales caused by the difficulty of users in finding the products, typed directly into the site’s search bar.

Also, the related product recommendation system didn’t work, leading users to abandon the page.


The way customers search for products is not precise, quite the contrary.

They expect to find what they want right away.And if they fail, they will abandon to look elsewhere.


Chiron has found, for example, that most users typed “yellow”, meaning “gold”, and for this reason it has developed an automatic Recommendation system.


Based on what was purchased, searched for or clicked on, Chiron designed a personalization of searches in the catalog, thanks to the Intelligent Search of Groups of Words, increasing the navigation time within the site and the conversion rate.